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The Ice Remembers: A Paranormal, Pschological Thrilller
by Robert Jepson

In a remote lighthouse in the Barents Sea, a new crew take over for the winter. Some consider the building to be jinxed after a checkered history of tragedy. A strange series of events beset the two men and each becomes distrustful of the other. But who is responsible? Is one, or both of them, going mad; or is something, or someone else involved? The psychological tension builds as the plot evolves towards a bizarre conclusion. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

Murmansk, Russia. 1933

Ivan fingered the crucifix which hung around his neck, then grasped it in a clenched fist as he squinted through the windscreen. His vision of the runway was obscured by a sudden snowstorm, but it was too late now to abort.

Chapter 2

Vasily awoke with a minor headache and a dry mouth from the previous evening's vodka consumption. He also had shadowy recollections of dreams which he tried to recall by closing his eyes and rerunning the imagery. As usual, the full memory wouldn't return, the dream...

Chapter 3

Vasily and Nikita reached the saloon and sat down. Vasily topped up his glass of vodka.

"Pour me a large one too," said Nikita.

"Sure, what you want in it?"


"Wow, that's unlike you."

"I need it."

Each took a large slug fro...

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