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from The Cull by Robert Jepson


4012 B.C

The plains of Giza, Egypt

 The Great Pyramid, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure, as they became known in later times, glowed in the yellowing light of the setting sun as the desert air cool. The polished white limestone casing stones reflected the sun's rays, illuminating the surrounding area as if they were massive light beacons.

 The magnificent and powerful structures had stood for many thousands of years, from the era of 'the First Times', predating all living memory as to their construction but whose purpose was known and guarded by a select group of adepts. A gentle breeze blew in from the south as a small procession of people strode out from the city to join the High Priest who had spent the day casting his magic for this special moment.

Ptahhotep raised his hands towards the sky. High priest, prophet and seer, he knew from his dreams the time was near. He stood alone inside a ring of flames surrounding the Star Stone and suddenly felt his skin tingling for the first time since the last visitation six cycles of the moon previously. All of his body hair stood erect but he held no fear, this would soon pass. Outside his circle, through the flames, he saw the Pharaoh, Amenophis; surrounded by his counsellors - he was backing away.

“Yes,” thought Ptahhotep, “be afraid, young man. Never will you have such power as that you will soon witness.”

Amenophis was young, 17 years of age, ascending to power three moons ago when his father died. He had not been permitted to attend the previous communion with the gods.

Ptahhotep turned to face the Great Pyramid and at that moment its capstone began to glow and pulsate. The air vibrated, particles of sand danced at his feet as he held himself erect, chanting the welcome call. A blinding flash of light lit the evening sky and a ball of fire appeared abo...

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