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Waters of Salvation: A Story of Adventure, Despair, Love, and Redemption
by Robert Jepson

On a final combat mission in Afghanistan before retirement, a young girl dies in Mike’s arms. The floodgates open; memories from atrocities he has witnessed through his career. Returning home, he receives treatment for Post Traumatic Distress Disorder. He embarks on a soul-searching voyage where the prospect of salvation comes through a young autistic girl with whom he finds a deep empathy. As he begins to grasp the truth, he is unwittingly embroiled in the attempted theft of an ancient Scottish relic. Can he pull back from the edge of the abyss before he loses everything dear to him? "Sounds interesting!"


In dark caverns of the mind lie distant memories, dark, insidious, unwanted, and almost forgotten. Hidden from consciousness, but connected to each other by a labyrinth of tunnels, they linger and fester in the twilight; harmless, so long as they are suppressed.


Chapter 1

Narwad District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

Forward Operating Base Trafalgar

Thursday, July 3rd 2008

The golden eagle soared high into the clear blue sky, riding the warm summer wind. He knew nothing of tomorrow, nor had reco...

Chapter 2

Mike felt the aircraft descending. Through the window, he saw the ground looming up, sand and rock as usual. He looked at his men sitting coiled for action, their rifles clasped vertically between their legs. Most were becoming animated, the adrenalin beginning to c...

Chapter 3

Camp Bastion Field Hospital

Like a drowning man kicking towards the surface for air, Mike's mind struggled in the dark depths of the abyss, reaching up towards the light.

In that nowhere-land between dream and wakefulness, caught in a web of dark images ...

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