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Angel from the Underworld: Rise of the Winged
by Jo Carter

In a world 1,000,000 years after the end of most of the human race, the remaining tribes are only just beginning to regain dominance on a planet which is nothing like the Earth it once was. The lasting humans are too occupied with fighting each other to prepare against the perilous elements of this shadowy realm. Can heir Odette, born and raised in the Underworld, use her determination to get revenge for the betrayal of her ancestors, or will the treacherous surroundings and the threat of secrets, lies and betrayals cause her to destroy herself and bring the end of the world for good?

Chapter 1
Elisia, the Underworld

“I will not do this any longer,” Odette hissed at the frail old man. “You were not born down here. You don’t understand what it’s like to never have seen sunlight, the sky, the stars… I am seventeen now, father. And I am leaving.&rdqu...

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