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from FROM THE MOON TO THE EARTH by Anthony Poindexter

Copyright © 2020–2022 Anthony Poindexter

Chapter 6
My Top 10 Herbs


My Top 10 Herbs

WILD BASIL; Clinopodium vulgare; Also Known As: Hedge Basil, Hedge Calamint, Bedfoot and Mountain Mint. Used For: Ulcers, Wounds, Stomach Complaints and Digestion. Use as a Tea for strengthening the Immune System. Parts Used: Leaves. Use As: Raw Herb, Tincture and Tea. Harvest: Use as needed and if drying harvest in Spring or Early Summer. Shelf-Life: 1-2 years.

CHAMOMILE; Chamaemelum nobile; Also Known As: Wild or Garden Chamomile, Ground Apple, Whig plant, Ra...

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